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A Math Journey Through Extreme Sports

RRP $19.95

Fun pictograms and infographics about extreme sports make learning about math topics such as ratios, area, percentages, averages, and angles easy and fun. In this book, readers are presented with scenarios in a number of extreme sports and use their mathematical skills while skyrunning, BASE jumping, ziplining, ice climbing, and racing motocross. Math puzzles and exercises help children build confidence in their math skills.

Applied Sport Psychology - A Case-based Approach

RRP $331.99

Taking a refreshingly different approach to the subject, this new textbook uses original case studies of psychological support work with individual athletes and groups to illustrate the underlying theory and inform the reader of cutting edge practice in the field. It addresses 'real world' issues and helps the student understand the problems and challenges that the sport psychologist faces and is employed to resolve.

The book begins by exploring the use of case studies as a professional method for disseminating applied knowledge and practice in sport psychology. The remaining chapters constitute the core of the book: the case studies themselves. Each case study demonstrates scientific rigour in reporting the background information, initial assessment, intervention and monitoring, evaluation of the intervention, and also considers consultant effectiveness through reflective practice. The chapters also contain summaries and an accompanying set of questions for students.

Written by a team of experienced practitioners this book shows how sport psychology actually works in practice. As such it will prove invaluable to students of sport psychology in both sport and exercise science and psychology programmes. It will also be an extremely useful resource for coaches and sports professionals undergoing training in sport psychology.

Cost-minimizing Choice Behavior In Transportation Planning

RRP $519.99

Series Editors Manfred M. Fischer Geoffrey J.D. Hewings Peter Nijkamp Folke Snickars

This series contains scientific studies focusing on spatial phenomena, utilising theoretical frameworks, analytical methods, and empirical procedures specifically designed for spatial analysis. Advances in Spatial Science brings together innovative spatial research ulilising concepts, perspectives, and methods relevant to both basic science and policy making. The aim is to present advances in spatial science to an informed readership in universities, research organisations, and policy-making institutions throughout the world.

The type of material considered for publication in the series includes: Monographs of theoretical and applied research in spatial science; state-of-the-art volumes in areas of basic research; reports of innovative theories and methods in spatial science; tightly edited reports from specially organised research seminars.

Sven Erlander Cost-Minimizing Choice Behavior in Transportation Planning

This book stems from a desire to understand the underlying assumptions and structure of the choice probability models most often used in Transportation Science. The book investigates how far a new way of defining cost minimizing behavior can take us. All commonly used choice probability distributions of the logit type - log linear probability functions - follow from cost minimizing behavior defined in the new way; sorne new nested models also appear. The new approach provides a deeper understanding of what is at work in the models. The new way of defining cost minimizing behavior is as follows: cost minimizing behavior pertains if the likelihood (probability) of any independent sample of observations is a decreasing function of the average cost of the sample. Extreme value distributed random variables are not used in the derivation of models. A measure of freedom of choice related to the Shannon measure of how much "choice" is involved is used to obtain a welfare measure which is equal to composite cost.

Astrophysics In The Extreme Ultraviolet 1995

RRP $793.99

From the beginning of Space Astronomy, the Extreme Ultraviolet band of the spectrum (roughly defined as the decade in energy from 90-900 �) was deemed to be the `unobservable ultraviolet'. Pioneering results from an EUV telescope on the Apollo-Soyuz Mission in 1975 forcibly demonstrated that this view was incorrect; but it required the all-sky surveys of the English Wide-Field Camera and the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer to demonstrate the broad potential of this field. Over 700 EUV sources have now been detected.
Over 150 researchers from 16 countries gathered to share results in this new field at the International Astronomical Union Colloquium No. 152. Papers were presented on a wide variety of topics including cool star coronae, white dwarf atmospheres and evolution, neutron stars, the Io torus, cataclysmic variable stars, active galactic nuclei, the interstellar medium, winds and atmospheres of early type stars, and EUV plasma diagnostics.
Selected manuscripts from this meeting are provided in these Conference Proceedings.

Passport To Love

RRP $66.99

James Pocza, Poet, has penned another unique book of poetry with his ever blooming word roses that will never wilt or die. This present book like his previously published "Tapestry of Inspired Poetry" is ever inspiring, teaching the ways of the Lord, and sharing the depth of Peace, Love and Joy that he knows is held within this new "Passport to Love" spiritual poems. Many readers will be inspired to live by or meditate upon these poems. Travel with him on a bit of his life's journey as he shares this wisdom.


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